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ABC Cork (Click to visit their site)


Our supplier for wine making accessories, equipment, wine racks etc. Email or call us with a product code and we can order in the item for you. We keep our prices low on these items by asking that you come in and pay for the item before it is ordered as we do not stock most of the items on the site.


Still Spirits (Click to visit their site)


Our supplier for distillation products, flavour esscences and unique equipments.


Wedding Links


Confetti and Co


Kendra Coons is a professional event planner that can make your wedding or corporate event easy and stress free. She has built relationships with many different professional event vendors so that she can provide quality services while providing the best value possible for your budget.


The Wedding Ring (Click Here to go to their site)


A local wedding magazine and website that provides a comprehensive list of vendors you may need for your wedding.

Ontario Winery Information  


Vintner's Quality Alliance (VQA) (Click Here to go to their site)


VQA Ontario was designated as Ontario's wine authority under the Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999 on June 29, 2000. The VQA Act sets the framework by which standards for the production of VQA wine and appellations for wine growing regions are established in Ontario.

Other Wine Related Sites

Cooking With Sin (Click here to go to their site)


When Carla Johnson's Mennonite grandmother caught her mom pouring red wine into a pan of chicken cacciatore, she scolded, "Cooking with sin, are we?" Carla loved that phrase and started a blog with it.

Great Recipes Dipped in Alcohol and Wrapped in a Wonderful Story!

"Cooking With Sin" is a collection of recipes from people in all walks of life. Each recipe has alcohol in it and comes with a personal story from the cook. It is the combination of recipes with stories that makes it very special. The first set is now in print.