September Specials


1. Verdicchio (100% Juice)

You will receive $20 off per batch. Medium-bodied and complex with herbal aromas in the bouquet and flavors of lemon and peach. The finish is crisp, and dry with excellent acidity.  A gentle bite to entice the palate, make this appealing to many. Excellent when served young.

Comparable Wines:  Vinho Verde
Pairing: Goes well with veal and pastas with seafood sauce. 
Oak: None   Body: Medium   Aging: 1-3 months


2. Barolo (100% Juice)


You will receive $20 off per batch.  A wine that evokes legend and fascination with its brilliant garnet-red and flashes of amber. The bouquet is both pleasing and intense with aromatic notes of violets and oregano. Smooth n the mouth with crisp acidity, its firm but well integrated tannins give good length on the palate. It is a wine that exudes glory, nobility and power.

Comparable Wines    Montepulciano, Red Zinfandel, Nebbiolo
Pairing    Serve with roasts, steaks, prime rib, lamb and mild cheeses.
Oak: Heavy   Body: Heavy    Aging: 9-12 Months


3.  Bumbleberry Fruit Wine


You will receive $10 off per batch. This custom blend of ten fruit wines is mixed together to create a wine similar to a Bumbleberry pie! This adult fruit punch will make your lips smack and your world spin (drink responsibly please). This is a blended wine with limited quantities, so reserve yours today.


4. The Barrel Club

It takes us 10 - 12 weeks to make this premium wine. Quantity is limited so reserve your spot today! We currently have a signup sheet for the following varieties:

100% Juice - $193.84 for 30 bottles


A blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These three smooth wines integrate into a complex rich wine with a unique finish.

Comparable Wines:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Pairing:  Well paired with roasted and red meat.
Oak: Medium   Body: Medium   Aging: 6-9 months



Beautiful deep garnet red with a delicate nose of red berry jam with floral hints and country berry nuances. This rich, velvety wine is full-flavored with subtle black pepper and cherry like overtones. It can be enjoyed both young and aged. 

Comparable Wines:  Sangiovese
Pairing: The perfect partner for Italian foods, pates and cheeses.
Oak: Light   Body: Medium   Aging: 3-6 months

Semillion Chardonnay


This wonderful blend brings together two very different elements in a harmonic union. The Chardonnay brings its flavors of tropical fruits with hints of vanilla, while the Semillon contributes a honeyed vegetal character with nutty butterscotch nuances. The resulting wine is truly a symphony of flavors.

Comparable Wines: Chardonnay
Pairing: Great with pastas and shellfish.
Oak: Light Body: Medium Suggested Aging: 3-6 Months
Country of Origin: USA - California


​Vintner's Select Series - $249.99 for 30 bottles

Valpolicella Ripasso Classico 

A  medium ruby colour with intense spicy bouquet , dried black fruits and rich ripe cherry flavours. A dry, full bodied, smooth, raisin, ripe cherry and well balanced flavour. It has a  rich, dry finish.

Comparable Wines:  Amarone, Valpolicella
Pairing:  Paired well with an empty glass! Red Meats, roasted vegetables, Italian foods.
Oak: Medium   Body: Medium   Aging: 6-9 months


Heavy, rich and big in every way. Heavy toasted oak used in its design, release the earth, burnt chocolate and vanilla tones, spicy with pronounced black cherry, plum and black current undertones. A really full-bodied wine that distinguishes itself with elegance.

Comparable Wines : None
Pairing: Rich heavy sauces, red meat, seasoned game, strong cheeses
Oak: Heavy  Body: Heavy   Aging: 9-12 months
Country of Origin: Chile