White Bordailles -White- Sale $163.84 - Regular $183.84

The result of this blending is a crisp dry wine that evokes aromas of  figs, flowers, honey and grass. Fresh and appealing, this wine has a delicate light body with many layers of flavor on the palate. Low in acidity with a nice finish.


Comparable Wines:  Brise de Mers, Sauvignon Blanc
Pairing: Good choice with shellfish, white meats and poultry.
Oak: Light   Body: Light   Aging: 1-3 months

Alicante -Red- Sale $163.84 - Regular $183.84


A big, full-bodied wine that is excellent as a before or after dinner drink. This deeply colored wine of purples and reds is sweet and aromatic. Its delectable smoothness is due to a low acid content, delivering a rich earthy flavor, but it is mainly used to increase the intensity of color and body in other grape varieties. 

Comparable Wines:  None


Pairing: A meal of steak, game or roast goes well.
Oak: Light   Body: Full   Aging: 6-9 months


Barrel Aged


Rio Grande Rojo -Red- $240


 A heavy and rich red wine that will delight red win connoisseurs  in every way. Heavily toasted oak is used to release the earthy, burnt chocolate and vanilla tones. It has a hint of spice with pronounced black cherry, plum and black current undertones. 


Comparable Wines: None
Pairings: rich heavy sauces, red meat, seasoned game, strong cheeses
Oak: Heavy  Body: Heavy   Aging: 9 - 12 months 


Barolo -Red- $240


A wine that evokes legend and fascination with its brilliant garnet-red and flashes of amber. The bouquet is both pleasing and intense with aromatic notes of violets and oregano. Smooth in the mouth with crisp acidity, its firm but well integrated tannins give good length on the palate. It is a wine that exudes glory, nobility and power.


Comparable Wines:  Montepulciano, Zinfandel, Nebbiolo
Pairing: Serve with roasts, steaks, prime rib, lamb and mild cheeses.
Oak: Heavy   Body: Heavy   Aging: 9-12 months


Valpolicella -Red- $183.84


This refreshing, complex, medium-bodied wine has a delicate bouquet and a rich texture. This wine possesses solid tannins and acids that delight the palate. Ruby-red color, intense raisin and floral flavors culminate in a long lingering finish. The wine is a versatile accompaniment for large dinner parties.


Comparable Wines:  Bardolino, Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir
Pairing: Perfect for serving beef, stroganoff and Italian foods.
Oak: None   Body: Medium   Aging: 6-9 months


Malbec -Red- $183.84


This South American favorite, offers a deep garnet robe enhances the wines characteristics. The flavors are of intense, ripe, red fruits with a hint of cinnamon. The well-balanced oak only enhances the wines characteristics.


Comparable Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Pairings: Grilled lamb, venison, and Mexican dishes.
Oak: Medium  Body: Medium   Aging: 9 - 12 months 


Muscato - White - $183.84


The Muscato's unique smell and taste are easily recognized. It is distinct because of its concentration of aromas of musk, peach and apricot. It can also be made into a dessert wine…..sensational !!!


Comparable Wines:  None
Pairing: Well with mild cheeses, fruit and appetizers.
Oak: None   Body: Medium   Aging: 1-3 months