September Specials

1. Verdicchio (100% Juice)


You will receive $20 off per batch. Medium-bodied and complex with herbal aromas in the bouquet and flavors of lemon and peach. The finish is crisp, and dry with excellent acidity.  A gentle bite to entice the palate, make this appealing to many. Excellent when served young.


Comparable Wines:  Vinho Verde
Pairing: Goes well with veal and pastas with seafood sauce.
Oak: None   Body: Medium   Aging: 1-3 months

2. Pinot Merlot ( 100% Juice)


You will receive $20 off per batch. This well rounded medium Bodied wine has been crafted with smoothness and easy drinking in mind. You can expect low acidity and the absence of tannins keeping it mellow and enjoyable young. With a fruity complexity you’ll be able to sense small hints of cherries, strawberries and raspberries infused with dark chocolate.


Comparable: Pinot Noir, Merlot
Pairing: This wine partners well with cheese, beef, pork, pastas and pizza.
Oak: None   Body: Medium   Aging: 3-6 months